Monday, September 25, 2023

Window project

Been thinking about adding a south facing window to the hut.  For about the same price as an actual window from McCoy's Building Supply (+ having to cut a hole in a wall), I can rig a big TV and one of my Wyze cameras - to see the view OR stream Prime Video movies.  88,94,68,0,B


  1. maybe a roof mounted 360 camera or remote cameras?
    looking south with a remote… just missed the Winnebago, might have been Manny/UPS?…
    if you squint… think that is south.
    43 might work nicely…

  2. window dressing: (it was harder than it should have been)

  3. I thought about that larger 4K model but went with the 32" because the scale of it may work better in my hut.