Friday, August 26, 2016

hell or high water...

 Another light pain day...but got hammered with almost an inch of rain this morning.  Forecast is hopeful for an easy out to the dentist by Monday.  Worst case scenario - I hike out Monday AM to meet a friend at the highway who will give me a loaner vehicle for the trip.  Sure would be nice if I had that fly out option available... 81,84,63, .86",B

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Maxillary Sinuses

I'm beginning to think I may just live through the weekend and make it to Monday for my extraction.  Woke up this morning with lighter than usual pain.  Took a pain pill for breakfast and went for my morning walk.  Had a cup of coffee and my antibiotic pill then laid back down for a spell.  Caution - this is gross: Suddenly I felt a pop in my sinus along with a god awful smell of death.  Got up an blew my nose really hard then hawked up some loogies from hell.  Suddenly all the pressure was gone there.  My maxillary sinuses are exceptionally large and that is the "root of the problem".  The dentist assured me to expect the once daily azithromycin to take at least 72 hours to kick in - and apparently that was right on the money.  Made it through the day without another pain med.  I might actually get a good night's sleep tonight...but it is still gonna be a very long weekend.  83,85,68,0,B

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

rain management...

78,88,71, .07",B

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

bum tooth

It all started last Wednesday...a dull ache in my right cheek.  It got progressively worse with the pain coming and going and peaked last night.  Nothing like trying to sleep with a bad toothache.  Aspirin and Extra Strength Tylenol barely made a dent.  Called a new dentist in Alpine first thing this morning and luckily they had an opening at 10AM.  The folks that got stuck out here Saturday finally got out by noon on Sunday...leaving plenty of ruts in the road for me to follow while I shot out of here to make my appointment.

Just as I suspected, an old root canal and crown had finally gone bad.  Got a nice little abscess causing all the pain.  Have to wait a few days for the infection to calm down so I am on 6 days of antibiotics and some Tylenol 3 to make the wait bearable.  I am due to go back Monday for the extraction.  Funny thing is it has been 15 years since I have been to a dentist and that last trip was for the root canal and crown that finally failed...bought me 15 good years of biting with that tooth.  Also, I couldn't help but notice the x-ray technology improvements since my last trip.  No more biting down on a little clump of plastic and cardboard with real film inside and a target ring attached to aim the laser gun at.  This time I just put my chin on a shelf and got an instant digital panorama via a chopper cat scan of sorts.  77,88,69,0,B

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

bad news / good news

Well...the bad news is an unsuspecting group of 5 people came out today and got really stuck in the mud just past TFL.  A van and a small pickup pulling a ramshackle camper trailer. One of them trudged through the mud to see if I had a tractor to pull them out...of course I don't.  I asked him how in the world they made it that far and he said they got stuck 3 times before getting swamped to a dead stop near me - I guess the muddy road right by the highway wasn't enough of a clue for them.  From what I could understand, I think they were headed to a camper junkyard about a mile NW of me - something about swapping out the trailer they were pulling for one on the property.  I'm not sure if any of them are property owners out here since I only talked to one of them and he said he was just along for the ride to help the others and had never been out here before.  Of course while we were having this conversation it started to pour down again.  I told him there is no way I can get them out and it might be at least a couple of days before anyone else can.  I also told him that after it stops raining I will walk over to assess the situation.  By the time I got over to check on them and take this picture, they had already headed off in the direction of the junkyard.  Had I caught them in time, I would have suggested they just use my phone to call someone in Alpine to come south for them - then start heading for the highway.  Trudging deeper into trouble is usually not a good idea.

The good news is all my tanks overflowed today. 72,81,68, .36",B