Tuesday, August 21, 2018

the persnickety shekel...

I have been wanting to try to cast one of these biblical coins in silver for years and now that I am finally experimenting with casting sand - I have my chance.  Turns out casting a coin is pretty tricky.  Thanks to a couple of YouTube videos, I almost have the technique nailed down.  I have tried 5 times and getting a little closer each time.  I have been casting in petrobond and just bit the bullet and ordered some (more expensive) delft clay which is a much finer casting media.  This was my last test that was tumbled for two hours then "antiqued" with liver of sulfur.   The pewter copy I am using to cast from is on the left.  The reverse (tails side) came out almost perfectly, but the obverse (heads side) didn't quite make it.  89,95,76,0,B

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tyrian shekel...

Matthew 26:14 Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests,  15 And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. 16  And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

just made it...

Had a bread and cookie order today and was able to just squeak by getting them all done in the solar oven this afternoon.   Every time a cloud comes by, the solar oven loses temperature that is critical to my baking times.  Had a little extra bread dough left over so what did I do?  Cheese muffins...  Cheese always saves the day.  85,96,71,0,B

Friday, August 17, 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Nest

Got a new nesting dove in the greenhouse.  The last time they tried this nest, the hatchlings ended up falling out after about a week.  Lets hope they beefed up the nest and this round will work out better... 85,96,73,0,B