Friday, February 8, 2013

the pit

Added 4" of TFL compost (I think there is a little bit of Benita in there) and 12" of old horse manure and hay to the pit filled with last year's container garden dirt.  Gonna water that a few times and let the good stuff soak down.  Will keep it covered and let it cook for a month before I mix it up and dish it out to this years plantings. Meanwhile - Ben and Bud are creating a wealth of compost material to be collected soon.  57,69,41,0,W,0


Rita B. said...

Sure beats rolling the bio-pooper around. Looks good. Hope you enjoyed that chicken tonight!

Jay said...

This post reminds me of an oustanding book.

"Ten Acres Enough"
by Edmund Morris

It's a fascinating story of a farmer who feeds his entire family on ten acres of land.
Back in 1864.

If ever there was a farmer that promoted the virtues of manure, it was Edmund Morris.

You can read it for free online.

Anyone interested in self sufficent farming would be wise to learn from a guy that was doing it so long ago successfully. While some of his ideas are outdated, it's amazing how much of what he promotes rings true even to this day.

remmij said...

almost like the Fertile Crescent of lower southwest Tejas... without the ☾... waning and all.
moon disk illumination:1%

Allen Hare said...

I'd forgotten about the pit. Bud and Ben are walking green energy machines!