Sunday, February 11, 2018

Is there PTSD in Heaven?

Can heaven be a traumatic experience?  Will we remember all the pain of earthly life?  Will we mourn the fact that some friends and loved ones did not make the grade?
Isaiah 65:17 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.


Unknown said...

No pain. Only perfection in His presence. Therefore, today is a good day to live, and today is a good day to die. Either is acceptable and He is in control of both. Thanks to the Word.

John D Baxter said...

The closer I get to God, the more I yearn for everyone to know the Truth. This is why we are called to be like Him, as representatives of His character. So others will want to know Him. So others will want what we have...if ours is a good relationship with God, it will show.
Mankind covets things, because they do not see or place value in good relationships. Like the Queen of Sheeba, when she came to see if all she had heard of Solomon were true. She bore witness to his God, the Creator of the universe, because she saw the results of following the One True God.
Unlike Hezekiah, when the men of Babylon came to see, he showed them all his treasures and worldly goods. He didn't show them God nor did he bear witness of Him to them. The result? They came and took the kingdom and the people captive for 70 years as prophesied. The Queen of Sheba took the knowledge of God back to her kingdom and the peoples all around.
There will be many missing in God's Kingdom, because we did not take every opportunity to reveal the Glory of God to those around us. As Moses asked God to show him His Glory, we are to do the same for those around us. He is merciful, long suffering, gracious, can we ask God to forgive us and not do the same for others? If we fail to do that, we will not see the Kingdom of God.
Persevere in intercessory prayer for others, so that all those we know, will have every opportunity to know God as we do. THEN, we will not have to spend the millenium seeing how many times we failed to correctly represent God to those we came across. It is not until then, when we return from Heaven with Him, to the earth, for the second resurrection(resurrection of the lost) and the final judgement of them, satan and the fallen angels, in the lake of fire(the earth and all that is therein will be burned up) and He makes the earth anew, that all that was referred to in Isaiah 65:17, is erased from memory. Time is very short, let us work with the power of the Holy Spirit, in spreading the three angels messages found in Revelation 14:6-12.

John D Baxter said...

BTW John, what was your weather parameters last night, Pam sent a picture of her weather gauge to my sister and brother in law this morning, it had the temp at 26 and 'feels like' at 17 degrees and that was at 9am. I have had the weather page there pulled up beside the one for here for months, I didn't think it was below freezing there last night. It's flooding here...that means my hut has water on the floor also. Ruined half my remaining fireblocks last night. SOON I will be headed there, just a few more days until the deed is finalized and I am headed that way to get things started! Thank God!

John Wells said...

Only had a low of 43 overnight...might get to 32 by tomorrow morning. Good chance of our first rain of the year Friday.

John D Baxter said...

Thanks, I have a page set up with the NWS centered over my property and keep a good eye on it. Going to have to ask my sis to find out for sure where they were with that report. Nothing in the area was that cold. You are 5.25 miles due west of me.

Grandmama Sarah said...

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4

Dale said...

If everything and everyone that made up my life are to become an inconsequential blank then I don't want to go there, it sounds like a different kind of hell.

pamit said...

Whoa, no falling into the arms of those loved ones who have already passed into the Kingdom? Shoot.

John Wells said...

pamit & Dale...Typical atheist self deception of those who cling to the things of this world. And to proclaim you "don't want to go there" is a very dangerous wish that most likely will be granted and you will learn what hell really is. A soul in Heaven is an entirely different plain of existence...much like life on earth is when you accept Christ as your savior and sinful things become less and less desirable. And BTW - your favorite family dog won't be there either.

John D Baxter said...

Heaven in this sense, is where the throne of God is now, the heavenly Temple, made by God, not man. This is where God rules the universe from. After Christ returns to earth to resurrect the dead in Christ and gather the living(the first resurrection), in Christ at the same time, to take them to heaven for the thousand years...we will be there to 'judge the fallen angels and satan' and to 'judge the unrighteous/view the books of those' where everything that was ever done by them is written down. These are the books spoken of throughout the Bible that the recording angels are 'writing events' into. This is not an actual 'judgement' by mankind, as God is the judge, but an opportunity to see that God has done EVERYTHING possible to save each and every one of us. Remember this entire 'sin problem' has been about the character of GOD, as it was satan who was first found to be 'with sin' and in disagreement with GOD. Satan led a third of the angels in heaven in revolt against GOD, this is why they were cast out. Mankind was created AFTER the fall of satan. We are being watched by the REST of God's creation, to clarify, as it were, the RESULT of sin. Sin, by biblical definition, is transgression of the law of God.
ALL of God's creation have free will. HE does not force anyone to go against their will. When dissent occurred originally in heaven, God bore long with it until the transgressors were cast out.
He COULD have destroyed them at the first hint of sin but that would mean the rest of His creation would be left doubting whether satan was right and would serve Him in fear and not out of Love.
He made mankind, made the earth a perfect environment for them and gave man dominion over it. He gave them the test of obedience with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. All they had to do was not go around it, that was the only place satan had access to them.

John D Baxter said...

Eve wandered from Adam's side, was deceived into doubting God's word and believed satan instead. Disobeying God's command, she ate from the tree and then led Adam to eat and they lost their covering of light(righteousness), saw they were naked(knew evil/result of transgression) and hid themselves from God, fearing Him.
They tried to cover themselves(hide their sin) with fig leaves but God explained His plan of salvation to them and killed a lamb and covered them with it's skin. The first death the universe had known. The lamb was to represent Christ, the promised seed from eve, that He said she would bear in her lineage, who would defeat satan and would be hurt by him in that defeat.
They were then cast out of the garden and the rest is found in the remainder of Genesis and the rest of the Bible. We are involved in the playing out of the question of the character of GOD. The entire universe now knows the end result of transgression/sin. It requires the death of the transgressor. After satan caused the crucifixion of Jesus, they knew at that moment that sin had to be ultimately done away with.
There is more than a cursory glance at the Bible can reveal. It takes study and the Holy Spirit's guidance, teaching you what it contains.
As I stated, we will RETURN to the earth after the thousand years are up. God will bring the Holy City of New Jerusalem to this earth when He comes with us. Jesus and the Father will reign from the earth made new. We will forever be with them. When the return occurs, this is when the Second Resurrection happens. ALL the dead from the entire 6000 year history of mankind who had no part of the first resurrection, will be brought back to life and satan will rally them and try to overthrow the city and God will rain fire from heaven and burn them up. They shall be no more. THIS is the SECOND DEATH.
THEN the earth is made new and sin will be no more. THIS IS WHEN God mercifully wipes the memory of the lost from our minds. There will be no one burning forever, sin will not arise the second time and there will be harmony throughout the universe once again.
All of this is found in the Bible. This is truth. The catholic church has led millions astray with her false teachings, founded in paganism. Most all of Protestantism has come full circle back into her arms. Last year on 31OCT2017 they signed a pact stating the reformation was over. This was heralded for years before the world. Most of those same churches teach for doctrines these same false doctrines of catholicism. Such as GOD of Love would burn you for eternity for your sins. THAT is one of the most sinister lies satan ever dreamed up.And it has led more people away from God than any other thing.
I could talk forever, but I will stop here. If you want to know GOD and His Truth, pray to Him to show you what His Word TRULY teaches. Get to know who Jesus REALLY is and what He is like. KNOW what true love is.

pamit said...

This is bad news for my beloved auntie, the most religious person I know. She is 85, in poor health, and missing "my sweet Charlie", her husband and my uncle, every day. I do believe if you told her (contradicting her church leaders) that she wouldn't see her beloved Charlie in Heaven, she would lie down and die of grief.

That's some religion ya got going there, John. The *one* thing that brings a lot of folks to you, I reckon, is a belief that there is no "true death" - that one will indeed see their loved ones.

So trumpet your message far and wide! The more that understand what a sham this version of Christianity is, how it is the root of so much hate, the better.