Tuesday, April 23, 2019

beam work

75,86,55, .02",B


Sam Finn said...

"Building on the Cross".

Unknown said...

have you ever heard of Earthships.

John Wells said...

I knew about earthship houses long before I moved out here. They are incredibly labor intensive to build. So much so in fact - the only successful ones that have ever been finished were built during "workshops" where idiots actually payed to come help build them. No one has ever been able to finish one out here...although many have tried. There are piles of tires that dot the landscape on Terlingua Ranch, marking the locations of many failed attempts. When it comes right down to it - all "natural building methods" are real ball busters when it comes building a home.

Unknown said...

You make a good point. If someone were to have a business that supported the making of Susanabul homes, that could be a whole new industry.

Example: making pre-earth pounded tires. Durt is free tires could be free charge for labor.