Thursday, January 9, 2020

plumbing parts

About to begin running the water lines for the shower and kitchen sink in the Casita.  Looking forward to using PEX tubing and fittings for the first time.  63,80,39,0,B


intermittent marathonian 00 said...

A practical question:

How did you decide to use PEX ?

I respect your knowledge and capabilities.

I have never used PEX; I have considerable experience with PVC and copper.


John Wells said...

I too have considerable experience with PVC and copper...but decided on PEX because it is cheaper and easier and I finally found an excuse to try it.

canyonwhizzer said...

I understand the crimp tool for the PEX rings are pretty expensive? What do you think?

John Wells said...

The crimp tool for copper rings is a little pricey...but I am using stainless steel cinch rings.

Unknown said...

Pex doesn't freeze and break