Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Stay home!

Doing a supply run to Alpine tomorrow to stock up for 6 weeks of sequestering at TFL.  I suggest you all do the same and plan on hunkering down where you are.  This is only going to get worse.  If you have vacation plans - cancel them for the good of us all.  Don't be a Covid-19 denier.   72, 84,47,0,B


Marlin Andrus said...

100% right please everyone do this

Penelope said...

I hope you will be able to find enough for that span of time. Stores are cleaned out in many places. I have read HEB had some foresight and planned ahead. I don't know what grocery stores Alpine would have. I was stocked up for a four month emergency and upped that to six months last month. I don't believe it is half enough. Good luck.
We had a 6.5 (I think bigger) earthquake near here this evening. Biggest since '83. A shelf cleaner.

intermittent marathonian 00 said...

You should be safely isolated at Field Lab.

Has Brewster County had any COVD19 cases ?

I heard that the county is not letting "tourists" stay over or eat.

MsBelinda said...

Good luck...I have to agree with Penelope, I live in Del Rio and from what I can read online store shelves are bare as people go panic buying every day.

Thankfully, I believed the wise people who forewarned us since late January that this was coming and I planned accordingly. I went into self-isolation 18 days ago. At the time I had a six months supply I am now down to five and a half months but in a pinch...I think I could stretch it.

At least you are in the ideal place to ride out a pandemic. Stay safe.

Jenne said...

You can order on Amazon or Walmart.com, too. I did have a large jug of peanut oil, and two bottles of extra virgin olive oil along with a 10 lb bag of rice stolen from my Walmart.com order a few days ago. Looks like it happened at fedex. I got refunded so just let it slide but it was very very irritating. I have stuff if you need it. Good luck and yes, I've been home since January, I knew then it was going to be serious as San Antonio had already sold out of face masks in January.

remmij said...

that is BIG country
hard to break old habits… but thinning the herd may be a silver lining…
and that may only be part of the unintended consequences… what's the date?
hard to stop the roamers… especially in the Big Bend

Morongobill said...

Please keep up with the videos so the folks home sheltering got things to watch.

Margery Billd said...

Canyon Lake was sold out of toilet paper everywhere (supply trucks in Tues., all gone on Wed. noon) and no older people out anywhere. They asked me if I knew about the virus. (I think I might have had virus a month ago-wonder and immunity). One death I know of at Canyon Lake. I think around 4 deaths or more in San Antonio. Everything in places in San Antonio on lockdown. I remembered I think I have stockpiles of paper, garbage bags, etc., food in one of my storage areas. Should check. I think 3% of people who got this died. The rest recovered and some had no symptoms. They are developing a test to see who has immunity for plasma donations to give immunity. One child died. In Ohio in the family cemetaries I have child ancestors from 1900 and 1800's who died from consumption or this type of thing.

John Andrew said...

Just curious - who in Canyon Lake is eating all this toilet paper?
It must be ole San Antonio's Mitch Steven.

NorthwestS said...

Thank you for your post John. So many people are not understanding this virus, but I think the resistance to seeing the horror of it is to be expected. Getting enough information requires a bit of effort and then you find out about the shortage of data and how much we can’t know yet so there’s not a great payoff. I was alarmed to see confirmed cases in Del Rio. Southwest Texas looks like paradise right now. I’m glad for you. The deniers are getting rowdy in Eastern Washington. We are starting to open up by phases but I’m high risk and my daughter, with two small children, has asthma. We won’t be safe until a vaccine is available. Idaho is opening which creates more risk for their neighbors and Washingtonians swarm to the lakes of North Idaho during the summer. I think we’ll have rolling outbreaks all summer long and might have to close up again in the fall. I hope you won’t be touched by this nightmare.

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