Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Spent most of the day modeling parts for a grasshopper escapement so I can make them with my 3D printer.  77,85,57,0,B


intermittent marathonian 00 said...

Do you design parts such as those on a dimensioned isometric electronic grid, or a 3D graphics program from which you can input information to the printer ?


John Wells said...

This file started out as a jpeg I found online and was converted to an svr file that Tinkercad could understand so I could manipulate it as a 3D image. It is then saved as an stl file and imported into a "slicing program" called Cura that turns it into a gcode file with settings that the 3D printer can print from.

intermittent marathonian 00 said...

Thanks very much for the explanation.

It is really impressive that you have figured out how to integrate and work across those various programs.

So ultimately the "slices" are like a series of defined finite elements that the printer can follow.