Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas day!

Well....chock up Christmas number 49! Have there really been that many?

Left my Christmas lights on all night last night. Nice to wake up early and see them blinking away outside. Got 5 great gifts today....$100 from my good ol' (94+ yr old) stepmother. We have a running joke about me always needing new socks. Guess its kind of like wearing clean underwear in case you get hit my a this case, having good socks in case you get bit my a rattlesnake?....or something like that. She is still concerned that my boots don't fit because I clomp when I walk in them....what a "mom" thing to say. A sweater and book from Chuck and Kathy....and a sweater and a book from my first girlfriend - really glad I tracked her down on Facebook six weeks ago or I would have been 2 presents short. She is still a sweetheart after 32 years of separation. Gotta get on the ball because no presents have gone out from here yet....

Baked another batch of solar cookies and donned the Santa disguise for one more important delivery. Just caught Ara and Spirit as they were getting ready to motor off for a days worth of travel and socializing. I will really miss them when they get the itch to hit the road again - but at least I know that they have a home base now on the Oasis - just a couple of miles away from the Field Lab.

Headed out to the nether regions of my 40 acres to try and mark the far SE corner of my property. Between GoogleEarth and my GPS, I'm getting close. Posted a flag to try and zero in on the spot. Found lots of new giant clam fossils out in that direction. Finished the day with calls to the "A" list relatives ( especially to my Crazy Aunt Jean ) - and a sunset bonfire for my Christmas finale....CHEERS!


MsBelinda said...

Merry Christmas. Nice bonfire. By the way I really liked your picture dressed as Santa!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas cutie.