Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smog...SW Texas Style

We had another wind event today....not nearly as bad "gust for gust" as the last one...but just as much dust. Could barely make out Agua Fria mountain through the dusty haze. Kind of killed the morning but at least it gave me an excuse for the short ride to the Grub Shack for breakfast. According to my instruments, the max wind speed today was 26.4mph and the average from 9AM to 6PM was 13.3mph. Chilly too....a high of only 64 today.

Took a ride down to Study Butte to visit my friend Carolyn at H2OtoGo. She is going into the gardening business as well and I wanted to check out the goods....lots of potting soil, seeds, and red worms. She may become the worm queen of Terlingua if it catches on. The little wigglers are prolific producers of progeny and while gorging themselves on kitchen scraps - return the favor with many times their weight in excellent compost. The wind calmed just a bit in the afternoon so I got out to start clearing around my shipping containers - prepping for the delivery of my second two containers. Seems they are magnets for stuff to accumulate around - sort of like any horizontal surface inside my hut. Trying hard to shuffle my stuff around while avoiding looking like the typical Terlingua house/junkyard. While doing the clearing, also worked into the schedule a visit from Ronald and then 7 longhorns. Had clear skies from 2 to 5 so I threw my second game hen in the solar oven. Winds have calmed tonight and looking forward to an even calmer tomorrow.

Just realized that it was exactly 2 years ago today that I made my first trip down to this area. That first drive down HWY 118, all I could think was "who the hell would want to live out here?"
What a difference 2 years makes.


MsBelinda said...

That first drive down HWY 118, all I could think was "who the hell would want to live out here?"What a difference 2 years makes.

As your reader I would love to hear the story behind why of all places in the world you decided on Terlingua as the experimental ground for your field lab.

Not that I blame you as it is my favorite vacation spot, but inquiring minds want to know...

JP Carter said...

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary.

Carl in Houston said...

during my first drive down 118 all i could say is "damn, i'd love to live out here!" for the time being though, i have to live vicariously though you. :O)

happy two year anniversary!

BJ Athens said...

Lived in Study Butte in the early '40's. Have a few pictures if your are interested.

Pamela from Dripping Springs said...

John Wells - happy to meet you in a kindred spirit sort of fashion. Another friend of the west Texas desert I've been visiting for many years with a keen desire to find a way to live off the grid and make a home in the dirt. I've been playing there since my dad took us on our first trip to spend the night under the stars. I've found my own temple of sorts with a grand view of the Chisos, and once buried a treasure of sorts only to realize again how land changes with do we all. Happened upon your story one Sunday morning and found myself with a huge smile that you found a calling in the wonder of Study Butte. Looking forward to your stories and making your acquaintance on my next trip. YOu have much to teach to one who is just beginning. Happy year 2 and many more.

tatme1shelly said..., too...more stories! You have me wanting to haul ass & go walk-a-bout!