Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Although yesterday was no labor day....I actually did some labor cleaning up the NW corner of the greenhouse - just didn't have time to do the after picture until today.  Now Benita has a little more room for her favorite mid-morning shade.

Today was just an errands day.  Did a laundry and water run.  Hooked up with my new friend - the famous Pablo Menudo down south this afternoon.  He has an electronically defective Maytag washing machine for my bike powered washing machine project.  I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow from him.

My new friends Abby and Jim came by today for the tour.  Benita didn't cooperate for their visit, but I put on a longhorn feeding show for them down the road....starring Beatice and Benito.  Hope to get a photo from them soon to post.

Been anguishing over my next camera purchase.  The G9 is still good for stills but dust inside the camera shows up in the videos.  Was leaning toward the very high end Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR upgrade.  Decided to go the super cheap route for now and bought the Kodak Playsport HD digital camcorder to experiment with.  The cam is waterproof so I reckon that means dust proof too.  Will post some tests with it tomorrow.  81,94,63,0,B


Hill Country Slacker said...

love the pay phone. what is in the works for that? solar powered or bike? now all your visitors have a phone to use out of cell range.

mike said...

check out this review


Allen Hare said...

Will be very interested to see your review of the Kodak Playsport. I'm kind of shopping around for a new HD video camera myself. Was thinking of a Canon HD video cam, and am now leaning towards the new iPod Touch, which shoots video in HD. 'Course, the Canon is much more sophisticated as a video cam, but the iPod is much more sophisticated at everything else. One of each?

A bicycle powered washing machine would be right at home at The Field Lab. How cool of you to think of it!

delgrego said...

Are you going to be able to tripod mount that little thing?