Wednesday, September 29, 2010

learning curve(d roof)

Woke up a little sore this morning - must have been that pallet of concrete I helped offload from the McCoys truck yesterday (no forklift - gonna ask for a refund for the delivery charge).  Did the math and no wonder I felt a bit tweaked... 42 bags x 80 lbs each = 3,360 pounds. 

I finally convinced myself that today would be a roofing day. Was a little slow getting started but all that ladder travel kinda loosened me up.  This section is a tad more difficult than the outside sections.  To get a nice tight seam where the roofing overlaps, I had to remove the screws along the edge where the metal meets and replace them with pop rivets. I think I got it down now after getting the first 4 sheets up.  85,93,56,0,B


tffnguy said...

Damn John, that no forklift sucks! I think I'd demand a refund.

Bruce S said...

Even with physical work, hair of the dog that bit you seems to help.

Gavin said...

Are you pulling those rivets by hand or with air tools? If you have a lot to do then this might be handy:

It never ceases to amaze me how much you can get done with air tools, even the cheap ones.

Allen Hare said...

Looking good!