Saturday, August 10, 2013

Harbor Freight

Finally burned out an old Harbor Freight inverter...the one at the top of the photo.  Replaced with a SunForce pure sign wave inverter I have had on hand for over a year.  I've been running a SunForce in my house for over 3 years.  I got it on sale for $275 back when they were $350.  I have 2 more on hand now that they are under $200.  The old one from Harbor Freight really paid its' dues...running 24hrs/day for over 2 years.  Might be time to clean up these batteries again.  90,97,73,0,C,0


Rev.jimmyleebob said...

Good to know...will mount one to my salvaged pressure washer that I removed the pump from and added a fabbed mounting plate,tricked out Delco alternator and 2 12 volt batteries...great emergency generator

Unknown said...

Judging by the fins on the outside of the inverters, I assume they don't have an internal fan. In that case I would mount them vertically, so the heated air flows along the vertical fins and also through the inverter (if both ends have openings). Every bit helps in your climate. Taking this into the extreme, you could some nuts behind it, to get also a bit of airflow between the inverter and the wood.

K1MGY said...

Do you measure the heat at the inverter? Specifically the internal heat and also the temperature of the heat sinks?

Would be interesting to pass on to the manufacturer, as these are likely not made for the extremes of your environment.

suki lee said...

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