Sunday, August 16, 2015


I have noticed lately that the progressive movement in our country is hell bent on embracing desire and intent on protecting it with promises of govenment interaction to assure our right to do what feels good.  They even go so far as to present images on social media of the Pope along with false quotes.  I find it a bit disturbing that they try to use a religious leader as their champion of sin.  The quote appended to the image above that began circulating December 2014 does not match any verifiable comments made by Pope Francis.  Although he did make statements in 2013 that were were erringly interpreted as inclusive of nonbelievers, they did not resemble the "not necessary to believe in God to be a good person" quote.  It's not clear where the quote originated, but there is no proof (nor is there precedent) for the claim Pope Francis voiced it.  They love to also throw in a bit of Christian villification by adding the phrase: some of the worst deeds were done in His name.  Don't be fooled - atrocities thoughout history were the hand of Satan, not God or his followers; for even those "followers" had been led astray by Satan.  One must ask one's self - What is the purpose of such a blatant deception?


theoracle said...

Amen, John. Social media has greatly accelerated the disemination of misinformation and false narratives to push social and political agendas. The progessive left is far more adept at doing so than anyone else. I'm afraid that there will be a terrible price paid for the effect of what they do.

djc said...

I'm a practicing Catholic and I've been alarmed about this for a long time. If you read Pope Francis' writings and compare them to Pope Benedict XVI's writings Francis is just as traditional as Benedict if not more so. Pope Francis is just as orthodox as any Pope. He mentions Satan more than any pontiff in recent history. I think there is a propaganda machine that is working overtime to change the culture and this is just one example of how it works.

Every Pope should do all he can to encourage Christian brotherhood with Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians. ISIS doesn't ask where you go to church before you're beheaded, only IF you go to church.

WhyR said...

Heaven, hell, god, satan... anyone got any proof for any of these?


Yet you hear and read people talk constantly on all types of media about these subjects with great specificity and detail, as though they had been there and back.

If someone wants to live a life of pain or self-denial because it gives them a feeling of "holiness", for want of a better term, I don't think anyone is stopping them. You talk about desire or pleasure as though they are inherently bad and should be suppressed. I think that reflects a a deprived, stark, black-and-white view of life that very many people do not share.

If government is getting involved it is usually to protect ordinary citizens from being oppressed by people or businesses or state entities whose beliefs or holdings, religious or otherwise, run afoul of The United States Constitution, which protects us all equally.

If religion wants us to jump through all the many, many hoops it sets in front of us, it needs to start proving its assertions.

John Wells said...

God gave man free will - the choice whether to accept or reject Him. I know Heaven, Hell, God, and Satan are real because I accepted Jesus Christ as my living savior. The only proof offered is to those who accept Him. Only then will you know because of the tangible experience of Christ living through you. If you reject Him simply because He didn't prove Himself to you, it will be too late when you finally see the proof you required. It takes far less effort than you imagine to know God is real.

Thunter said...

John . I have been following your blog for a bit of time from before the green house build. This point you made i'm sorry but i have to disagree with your thought. Currently there are over 3000 different types of religion on this big blue rock . some of which have been around centuries before Christianity. To say that in order to receive his love you need to have blind faith is a horrible idea.what person with true love will only except who praises him. isn't vanity a sin? what you need is love that's it just love. In history most wars have been started over religion.How many religious leaders tortured and killed the masses back in the day???. Out of the 3000 different gods the one that i think we should follow would be the one that has (unconditional) love for all and not just the ones that will Neal and worship him/her.

J said...

Amazing. We are witnessing the mental deterioration of a man who set out to perform an experiment in sustainable off-grid living. What was the cause? Was it the isolation? Solitary existence has been shown to lead to delusions and mental breakdown.

Margery Billd said...

Sooo---I guess one can't believe everything they read on the Internet? :-)

rondeb said...

Absolutely on point. Amen

WhyR said...

I would not endorse the conclusion you have reached, J. Many writers and thinkers of all sorts seek solitude to be better able to work and hear their thoughts more clearly. Today many people are living alone quite happily by choice or because life has dealt them this hand, and they are finding it agreeable. A person can live a solitary life these days and yet be connected to the greater community by reading others thoughts on blogs such as this one; commenting and listening to others as one might in conversation. Our reach can extend today around the world in an instant.
I would not cast aspersions on solitary people. Simple peace and quiet can be a great blessing.
More harmful, it seems to me, are exploitative schemes that shut down people's sense of curiosity about the World, that say, in essence, "OK, this is the answer to everything. No need to look any further".
It seems to me that religion is such a scheme, along with the political propaganda that passes for revealed truth in one of our main political parties.

WhyR said...

John, you want us to just "go all in" with christianity; when we believe, we will have all the proof we might want. But that's putting the cart before the horse. And anyway, if we BELIEVE, proof will be irrelevant.

Try going to court without evidence.

Try getting a personal loan without proof of ability to repay.

Reagan said: "Trust, but verify". That word "verify" refers to proof.

If you don't demand evidence, you're buying a "pig in a poke", and are able to be fleeced, like happened in the madoff ponzi scheme.

Scientific research would be stopped dead in its tracks if proof were not required. Anybody could say anything and no one would know who to believe.

In the real world that we all inhabit, PROOF is the gold standard. What's all the fuss about a made-up statement attributed to pope Francis? If somebody says he said it, surely you're not going to cite PROOF that he didn't? Why not just believe it?

J said...

Well said, WhyR. Many people embrace and thrive in solitude. I was merely questioning if John was one of those, or if he became like those who wandered the desert 2000 years ago.

You are also correct that belief always denies proof. Brain washing does the same.

Larry G said...

well.. I'm not sure solitude has a whole lot to do with it because others who don't live in solitude who have "found" Jesus - also sometimes feel the need to "witness" to others about what they feel is "help" to get others to understand how important it is to be "saved".

I'm a live and let live guy - .. folks are entitled to believe what they want to believe.

but then I'm not so hot on having them lecture to others about it.

I consider it to be obnoxious behavior. We have folks come to our neighborhood every year to "witness" to us. It's part of what they're supposed to do in their religion - apparently.

I myself do believe in GOD but I have no such faith in what I call man-created religions and especially so the kind where adherents feel the need to tell others what they think is the "correct" path to Jesus or worse, are willing to engage in hate and even violence with those who have different religious beliefs.. God knows, we have a world of it and it's been with us for centuries.

Having said all of this - it's John's Blog and he was the right to express himself - even if I find it obnoxious and offensive.

but then I guess others have the right to gripe about it in response!


Unknown said...

"Beware of false prophets,
which come to you in sheep's clothing,
but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. ..."
(Matthew 7:15-16)

J said...

"Think not for yourself,
for I can not control you if you do.
Believe ME, and only ME,
disregarding all evidence.
I will lead but you must follow."

(J 1:4-6)

2ligit said...

You know why I love reading John's blog? He stirs the pot. 6 days a week, he writes about his experiences in the desert.People post questions and are truly interested in what he is doing. 1 day he choses to write what he believes, faith wise,and all hell breaks loose. The hatred that comes out is amazing.

If John wants to lecture, he can lecture because it is his blog. To assume he is losing it do to being in solitude in the desert is ridiculous. He just is not as politically correct as most want him to be. He has beliefs and he stands by them. Actually, more courageous than most who hide behind the PC standard.

Larry G said...

Actually I don't think too many were originally attracted to John's blog to hear him pontificate about his religious beliefs - all due respect.

but it is his right ... for sure

others also can give their views.

what's the problem?

J said...

You hit the nail on the head, Larry G.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have to agree with J, the change in the person I knew is sad to see, JW your criticism and intolerance is not the joyous,beautiful person I knew and are still a beautiful soul and love your brilliance in creating a life "free' of some of societal ills and consumption. But your narrow viewpoint of the world and people, and "good/evil" has gone off the deep end, Yes quote all the scripture you need to show us that "believers" are persecuted but that is not the issue....would "Christ" have 9 guns, print coins of the "realm", judge other so harshly?, you judge the poor and impoverish as lazy and selfish, and yet how did you acquire your land, trucks, materials, resources? inheritance, a bit of well paid employment?, which is fine but you are from a privileged class, a white MAN in America where that alone carries great for passing passive judgement on all the other believers of varying faith in the world or non believers, and then saying it isn't you doing that but the Bible is a BS excuse...and btw I argue and play "Devil's" Advocate with you as I still really care and love you , but am truly worried about what isolation and lack of humanity in personal proximity may have done in the long haul...with care, pk
p.s. you knock the "socialism" of this country but how did the medical treatment which you stated was well over $100,000 that you recieved get paid?

Unknown said...

"For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning,
that we should love one another."
(I John 3:11)

Ronald Mahan said...

My brother and I have known John Wells longer than most of those criticizing John Wells for speaking his mind on his religious beliefs. I.E, We sold John the land - which he used to build the Field Lab. I believe John has every right to use his personal web site to speak on his religious beliefs. In doing this on Sunday - HE IS CERTAINLY KEEPING GOD'S COMMANDMENT'S - which GOD gave to man long ago! I rejoice - that in America - John Well's still has the right to tell everyone of GOD'S LOVE! And I hope some readers - will accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Amen Ron. May God help all of us help each other. We're all in this together.

WhyR said...

Mr Mahan- of course this is John's blog and he has a right to say anything he wants in it. But when someone mounts an attack on progressives, linking them with some false attribution of a quote when there is no PROOF of any such involvement, yes, you can bet there will be some pushback, mine included. And if somebody today wants to push religion at their readers, yes, there may just be someone, like me, who will point out some inconsistencies with their argument. We don't happen to be in a church here- this is a blog on the internet where people are allowed to comment, and comment they will.
How nice of you to come to John's defense; I will not ever attack John or any other person on the blog, but this is the marketplace of ideas, and ideas are always fit subjects for discussion. And as far as someone promulgating religion is concerned, the days when someone could get instant respect by citing a deity are over, and none too soon. Yes we need to comment with respect for every individual, but someone pushing religious mumbo-jumbo these days is liable to run into some tough questions from people not entirely in sympathy.

Wyowanderer said...

Thank you Ronald. I'm always surprised when otherwise reasonable folks cannot or will not tolerate the views of others, inferring that the person has mental illness, loneliness, etc.
I suppose it comes from the "tolerant" society we live in, and the fact that so many armchair philosophers need to say everything on their mind, even if it doesn't need to be said.

Ronald Mahan said...

----Thank you Wyowanderer for your kind comments. ----------------------------------- Those poor souls that object to John Well's Sunday Christianity posts - should simply hold their tongue - as you politely suggested - or go do their Devil's work elsewhere! That is simply what Christians do on Sunday - because GOD gave us all - that commandment long ago. And those that ignore God's commandments - do so at considerable risk - in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Ronald, the Torah is a way older document, maybe you should follow that since it seems antiquity is a measure of authenticity here...

Ronald Mahan said...

Mr. Peter Kornicker, You do not need to inform me (nor few other Christians) that the Jewish Torah is a "way older document". Most of us Christians - learned that as little children - studying the Bible. It also taught us that God gave the Jewish leader - Moses - THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on Mount Sinai. (Exodus 19). Which I referred to in my earlier posts. Possibly, you where not aware that our Bible's OLD TESTAMENT - is largely based on the TORAH - not "religious mumbo-jumbo"?

J said...

Ronald Mahan, ancient Egyptians, Druids, Greeks, Romans, etc. have an even older history. The age of the myth has nothing to do with its validity.

Unknown said...

Wow R. Thanks for the history lesson. Never knew that about Zeus and his CREW?

Ronald Mahan said...

"J", You started your last post using my name - however, I certainly made no claim that: "The age of the myth has nothing to do with its validity." --------------------------- What I did post was that - both the Bible & Torah have informed us - that God gave his Ten Commandments to mankind on Mount Sinai! Possibly you regard that as a myth - but most Christians, Jews, and those of the Islamic faiths, all believe that God did give us those Ten Commandments to live by! And it should be noted that thousands of years later - many of our modern day laws remain remarkably similar! -----------------------------------------------------------And because God loves us - despite our poor ability to keep his Ten Commandments - he also sent his only son, Jesus, to earth to die for our sins - on a Roman cross. However, Christ rose from his death on the cross and only asks us to accept him as the Savior - from our sins.

pamit said...

Since you used a faux-Pope Francis quote to illustrate how Satan his infiltrated Facebook...or how non-Christians lie...or whatever, here is a *real* Pope Francis quote:

"The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists. Everyone! And this Blood makes us children of God of the first class! We are created children in the likeness of God and the Blood of Christ has redeemed us all! And we all have a duty to do good. And this commandment for everyone to do good, I think, is a beautiful path towards peace. If we, each doing our own part, do good to others, if we meet there, doing good, and we go slowly, gently, little by little, we will make that culture of encounter that so much. We must meet one another doing good. ‘But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’ But do good: we will meet one another there. "

It seems that you and the Pope aren't on the same page when it comes to Christianity, John. One wonders if you are even the same religion.

Wasn't it Matthew that said, by their fruit ye shall know them? The Pope is out-fruiting you, John.

Kris said...

pamit - well said, so well said!

Unknown said...


Keep up the good work and do not suffer the fools around you. "Liberalism is what Smart looks like to Stupid people". You found the word of truth and accepted the gift that is open and waiting for anyone.

Life is Short.
Death is Certain.
Judgment is a Reality

As believers we are in a World of the dying going to a World of the Living. The Non-Believers are in a World of the Living going to a World of the Dying.

God Bless my friend.