Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why aren't you Catholic?

A Catholic friend recently contacted me about an abortion protest being held in Troy New York this weekend.  She follows my blog and although she doesn't leave comments, she often emails me with additional and often brilliant insights in regard to some of my posts.  When she mentioned Troy, I replied to her that my former neighbor in upstate NY attends High Mass there.  I called my neighbor (who I often refer to as a Super Catholic) and suggested they meet sometime (they did on Saturday...small world).  While on the phone, we discussed my post last Sunday and she asked me, "Why aren't you Catholic?"  I can't help but feel that she thinks it is my only hope for true salvation.  I responded that I was happy with my current  relationship with Christ.  I did a little digging today and found a very long answer to her question.
1 Timothy 2:5 gives the most concise answer...For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;


Margery Bills said...

Controversy. I believe a certain way and that is the religion I favor. I grew up that way in my culture and family and history. Although I can learn ideas from other religions. As long as a religion teaches about a higher entity and shows a good way to live that the members strive to live, what difference does it make? I am a Mayflower descendant. Their religion does not even exist anymore-just offshoots. But we believe in God and his son Jesus. Catholic people are just now being taught more about the Bible in an interesting perspective, and Jewish people can really bring the history of the Bible and that area to living, interesting life. The Bible is my only main book and was written by brilliant men in the Middle Ages to teach people the correct way to live. What more could a person ask for. The Bible has always gone everywhere with me-even a small one in my pocket - and I often pulled it out and read a verse. (I have gone to many religious organizations and cults and read many books such as the Koran but I don't understand or like them-just gibberish to me-people looking for their answer and what works for them to get through this life and cope. I am not the judge to judge-GOD IS).

Steve said...


What a surprise! I too am a Mayflower descendant (2 of my ancestors were on the boat). Although, I must admit, one of my direct descendants (Cotton Mather) who wrote "The Wonders of The Invisible World," was instrumental in the Salem Witch Trials, which ultimately condoned the murder of many people – all in the name of religion. Of course, I don't think much has changed over the past 300+ years when it comes to religion driving the slaughter of outliers and non-believers. History is full of hard truths.

Janet said...

My ancestors came from Scotland/Ireland in the early 1700's to get away from religious persecution. They were "blue stocking" Presbyterians (whatever that means). There were "killing times" in Ireland and certain poor souls roamed the moors of Scotland and lived in caves to avoid being killed. We have been fortunate so far in this country.

Ronald Mahan said...

I believe Martin Luther was observing:

Timothy 2:5 ----For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

when Luther broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and formed the Lutheran Church. Although I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran – I believe a lot of Catholic and other Protestant Church members – who accept Jesus as their Savior and mediator - will be saved.

Shawn Ruth said...

I worked with a woman who converted to Islam. I was surprised to find out that she said only the men go to the Mosque...I have always wanted to ask a muslim why their are no groups of Lutheran suicide bombers...I live in Minnesota land of 10 million Lutherans.