Saturday, September 26, 2015


While the masses clamor over the next super moon, all I can say is it wakes Ben and I up earlier than normal because we think the sun is coming up.  Other than that, it really isn't that special and nowhere as big and bright as you have been lead to believe.  Scientists have confirmed however that because a total eclipse will coincide with tomorrow night's event (a celestial double feature!), it does make people want to bid on really great sterling silver ingot deals on Ebay.  83,88,64,0,B


Rita B. said...

isn't it tomorrow night...27th? But i'm sure it's full enough to wake you several nights in a row.

John Wells said...

oops...I changed it to tomorrow

Margery Bills said...

Yes, I noticed the moon coming in tonight. Thanks for the info. Beautiful pic from yesterday. And, TY, I enjoyed the paramo tour pictures too. Good going.