Saturday, August 25, 2018

perfecting the lion...

A busy Saturday.   Baked 2 batches of Field Lab Solar Oven Super Cookies this morning, some local friends stopped by for a visit to pick up 2 skulls they ordered (they got a free super cookie with their skulls), prepped a batch of Chupa Bread to bake tomorrow, and did 3 silver casting tests.  I have a pending order for six of these 2 oz. lion "coins" so I tried out the delft clay with the lion push mold today.  It works much better than the (cheaper) petrobond clay.  The mold holds great detail even after 1800° silver has been poured into it.  95,100,77,0,B


remmij said...

nice background info on the 6th shekel attempt with the "friday night film".
am curious about the delft clay lion mold - is it a one timer, or can
the mold be used multiple times?… the detail on Simba is impressive…
(an alt might be to cross the eyes & offer the "Clarence" coin…daktaritvshow)
…what's the lion going for?… ~$75?
cool, blue lion… non 1800˚F
lion diptych/fire lion

remmij said...

further lion play… still a ways from perfection… cosmic & fire