Tuesday, May 11, 2010

personal business...

First half of the day was all about secret stuff. Aside from that...decided to do an all day test of Pepino II. Fired it up at 10AM and inside temps went from 67 to a max of 82 - using 5 gallons of water....outside temp made it up to 105.

More cool chores on the computer - inside the house most of the afternoon. Groomed Benita with her new brush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvu8Eyz4JKI , collected flower seeds for my buddy Burr at the Sibley Nature Center, and cooked more food in the solar oven - another hen with broccoli this time.

Field Lab Cornish Game Hen and Vegetables:

One Cornish Game Hen rinsed and flavored thoroughly inside the body cavity and lightly on the outside with McCormick's Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple seasoning. Place in covered Pyrex cooking dish then into the solar oven. 250 - 300 degrees for 3 hours.

Remove cooked hen and wrap in foil - set aside. Add 1 cup fresh water to fat and 4 cups chopped broccoli with a sprinkle of seasoning. Place back in solar oven for 1 hour.

Place hen back in Pyrex dish with vegetables for 30 minutes....drain off liquid and enjoy. Serves two or just one if you are me - I'm hungry! 98,105,55,0,B


Bruce S said...

Been lurking for quite a while. Love your place.
I have some property about 3.5 miles NE of the Field Lab.
Heading out there in a couple of weeks. Hope to make it my home in a couple of years.
Can't wait to see your store up and running. Also, hope to meet up with you during my visit.
I hope you don't mind me living vicariously through your blog.
Bruce S.

Unknown said...

Bruce, that's what I do, too. Only you might be able to make good on your dream. I'm 75 and in bad health. This blog is the closest I'll ever get. I'm anxiously awaiting the news of what John is going to grow in that big greenhouse and, more important, what's he going to do with what ever it is?

Ron/Debbie said...

John, What is the cost of a well in your area and what kind of gpm can you get. Just curioous. Still thinking about a little plot of land around there someday.

John Wells said...

I am all about rainwater catchment - as the line from my cowboy poem goes..."it's just stupid to drill 1000 feet down when you can catch it from 10 feet up."