Wednesday, August 14, 2013


House cleaning mode hopefully will carry over for at least a week.  Hoping to keep inspired to do a clean sweep in and out of the greenhouse next.  Also got a different kind of inspiration about a month ago...thanks to the new prophetic tshirt design for the area.  Quit those 30 packs of Natty Light (too easy to chug down 8+ per day) and switched to a couple of really good beers each night and filling the void with NA beer.  I think there are enough people on the Terlingua Drinking Team already. 90,102,72,0,B,0


Zole said...

I personally made the switch to O'Douls about 4 years ago.
You will definitely feel better because of it in more ways than one. Wise choice JW.

Compost Bob said...

John ... I'll drink to that! Doully even works fine in your beer batter recipe for a Tilapia fish fry!
Compost Bob

Bruce S said...

Good for you, John. Quality over quantity is usually a good thing. Cheers!

savingtheworldthrusmallchanges said...

just want to pass on a little info i learned about beer thats brewed with HOPS - it contains high levels of estrogen - when i learned that,, it changed my opinion of beer, seems hops have high levels of estrogen naturally - - -