Saturday, October 5, 2013

J-B Weld

Gobbed on a bunch of J-B Weld to the two tabs that were broken on my tail light and let it cure for 6 hours.  Bolted it back far, so good.  A couple days late for Ben's October tip to tip (my bum wrist was finally good enough to hold the camera).  36 5/8" now.  My boy grew almost 3" of horn since last month.  The secret to getting the tape measure on him is to wait till his afternoon nap/cud chewing session.  Then I go up and brush him for awhile. He gets so blissed out, he hardly notices the tape measure.  Bud still prefers the "just look and guess" method.  73,91,58,0,B,0


Rita B. said...

Oh Ben! You're getting more handsome every day. Bud, settle down and let dad get a measurement on you.

2ligit said...

tell me if you need another one, I can get one cheap the next time I come down.