Thursday, August 7, 2014

other plumbing

Got a jump on the Pepino fix but holding off to finish till early tomorrow.  Also on the list was a new sight gauge for the solar water heater.  The old piece of plastic tubing was clouded up pretty good...and had a dead grasshopper clogging it up.  Figured it was also time to put a valve on the bottom of the water tank out by the barn.  Got the plug out and valve in without loosing much water even though the 1500 gallon tank is almost full.  Pushed an empty plastic feed sack down inside near the outlet with a metal pole - as soon as the plug came out the bad got sucked into the outlet and only let a sprinkle through.  90,101,72,0,B


Margery Billd said...

That's a nice looking valve. Imagine all that water. I talked to someone here who just dug an 850 ft. well for $14,000. He is interested in solar (a young man who works with the oil rig Industry).

WhyR said...

Clever move to use the feed sack to permit the boiler drain install. Imagine if you needed to hurry and had got it cross-threaded with all the force of the water pushing it around.