Monday, February 2, 2015

off grid opportunity

My friend Emma Dempsey sent me this casting call today.  It might be a good opportunity for a family or small group looking to make the off grid move soon.  If anyone finds this of interest, contact Emma at or go through their website.  Tell them The Field Lab sent you.

"The program is an eight-part series for a network here in the US. Each episode features a different family who want to leave the city and make a new life for themselves in an off grid, utility bill free home. Each episode has two halves; the first is a straight property show where the family are shown around three properties. In the second half they get to try out living in one of the properties for three nights to get a taste of what life unplugged is like. All through the process they will be guided by our homesteading expert who will teach them, depending on the life they picture in future, a number of things that will be useful to them (canning, milking, hunting, etc.).  He’ll also advise them on modifications they could make to the property to help make their off grid dream life a reality. At the end of the show the family will decide which, if any, of the properties they want to buy."  46,55,37,0,C


Larry G said...

Sounds a little like "BUying Alaska" where most of the homes for sale are off grid as well as without major plumbing - i.e. no drain field and often no well although many of the houses look like conventional homes -albeit some with solar panels, etc.

Sometimes I wonder about the whole concept of why anyone would willingly choose to NOT have electricity and indoor plumbing or even weirder why someone would not have electricity and indoor plumbing but would have internet!


Back east - many move to the countryside where electricity is available thanks to the 1930's rural electric program and they have wells and septic fields - but internet is not so easy.. at least the cable version of it - including DSL.

They do have DISH TV and some have HughesNet which by all accounts is less than wonderful.

but clearly - without question - John Wells is a creature of the online world no matter how off-grid he lives!

and we are all better for it!

Dizzy-Dick said...

If that were a school, you should be the dean.

Rita B. said...

Tip-to-tip time John. But we can guess if necessary.

Rev.jimmyleebob said...

The old James homestead that I grew up on was built in 1893. I don't remember the date Grandpa put electricity and plumbing in for Great Grandma. He told me once but I don't recall.Anyway, as soon as he did Great Grandpa moved into the barn and never came back in that house the rest of his life.Something to the effect that you didn't do certain things in the same place you slept and ate. Don't know about his beef with electricity, nobody ever said.Maybe it showing up the same time as plumbing was reason enough...

Larry G said...

Texas has roads called Farm-to-Market. They are even signed that way.

They are ubiquitous in Texas and were built by the state to benefit folks living in the rural areas to not only get their crops to market but get stuff for their farms - and to provide rights-of-ways for electricity and phones.