Friday, April 3, 2015

my first youtube video



Smack Mama said... what is it, please?

Margery Bills said...

That would be the internal workings of a particular system. A new experimental device for information rotation.

Ronald Mahan said...

That is the propulsion end of John's powered glider. He is apparently keeping the motor in good shape by starting it up once in a while. However, I suspect his doctor does not want him supporting the weight of that device - plus his body weight - on that injured leg too soon. Happy Easter to all.

John Wells said...

This was an old wind turbine experiment...with blades fashioned from aluminum flashing between the spokes of a bicycle wheel. A stepper motor was mounted in the center and LED's were wired to leads of the motor. As the wheel and motor spin on the shaft (blown by a fan), it generates pulses of low voltage that light the LED's. The test was done in my workshop in upstate NY and uploaded to YouTube on November 21, 2006. The video has had over 216,374 views. All 99 of my videos can be seen on my jgizmo channel on YouTube.

Ronald Mahan said...

I certainly got that one wrong.

Unknown said...

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