Friday, September 25, 2015




rpm said...

good post brother.


Never gets old.

Smackmama said...

Made my heart skip a beat...beautiful!

pamit said...

Gorgeous! Don't miss the super moon tomorrow night at 9 p.m. Would love to see a pic of that over your view.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

J said...

That view, coupled with absolute silence must be amazing.

AI4MS said...

The Surface Tension of Pago Treanth

I badly confused
the high hill
for the mirrored lake below.

I hopelessly loved in a
strong intemperate manner
without happiness.

I wandered right and
veered left under and over
irregular surface formations.

I sank when
I saw no land
that made a shoreline.

I washed up
under blue beach glass
admiring a mackerel sky
speckled with the pacific evening's
equable celestial signs.

J said...

That's a beautiful poem, A14MS. Did you write it? I Googled the title but found nothing. If you did write it, may I have your permission to share it with some friends?

AI4MS said...

Thank you very much. Feel free to share the thought. I wrote it last year as a prayer for my son in
Afghanistan but when I saw the picture John posted yesterday I knew that was exactly where it belonged.

Thank you very much for the kind thoughts.

Carmelo Montalbano

J said...

I'll definitely share it, and will of course credit you as the author. The circumstances that led to the poem are especially poignant to me as I spent some months in Afghanistan also. That was long ago (late 70s early 80s) when the US was backing the Mujahidin/Taliban against the Soviet Union. It seems that humanity is indeed doomed to repeat history.