Wednesday, March 30, 2016


About as exciting as it gets out here...freeing a lizard from a garbage can of range feed. 78,89,68,0,W


Ronald Mahan said...

Would you rather have a really exciting big mean old rattlesnake coming out of Ben's food supply? I have killed two of those critters crawling out from under our Hunt Cabin - and I hope I never see another one. Even once found a shed rattlesnake skin - under my bed in that cabin - which don't even like to think about! I suspect they do keep the mouse population down.

John Wells said...

On average, rattlesnakes in the wild eat only once every 2 to 3 weeks. That is only 16 to 24 mice per year. Female mice give birth to approximate 80 offspring per year.

Margery Billd said...

:-) Good looking critter, but he don't look my Gekkos here by the front and back outside lights. They get insects. At first they scarred me but now I value them. And snakes - yep.

HordeHey said...

really cool looking lizard. We have lots of em here in Florida. They don't look like this lil guy though.

I love all creatures. I remember when I was a young boy I killed a sparrow just enjoying the sunshine. I've never forgotten that little bird. They way he felt in my hands. His warm body . That day has never left me, that was 41 years ago. I've killed again but only for food and tbh that's not necessary unless you have no money and are hungry.

Even fishing, I still feel bad for taking a life. My wife knows, I won't kill a bug that gets into our house. I'll capture him and move the lil guy outside.

Now flys ok sorry but they bother me. I practice my hand eye coordination on them.

Not quite sure why I shared this story with you, perhaps my bird friend was wanting the story told.

Have a good day

Margery Billd said...

TY George. I end up putting up fly paper. I once met a girl who had pet flies. She fed them bread in a jar and took them out to crawl up her arm. I am waiting today for my order from BOXED. Thought I would try it. Their posts are cute. (One post was a boy chocolate bunny and a girl chocolate bunny. He had a bite out of his rear end and she had a bite out of her head. He said his rear end hurt and she said "what?").

remmij said...

off subject a bit, but ties to the boy in the pen…
a Ben relative…?
UK Telegraph

Margery Billd said...

Very happy. My box came right on time from BOXED. Now I have a variety of non-refrigerated food for whenever. Good prices in bulk and individual containers. The deodorant smells so good.

pamit said...

Loved your story George. I too remember incidents of childhood cruelty towards animals, and (perhaps a result)? now escort bugs and such outdoors rather than ending their lives.

That's a collared lizard in John's picture - gorgeous! The males are blue and yellow, quite striking, and the females get orange patches when breeding time is near.

Regardless of how many rodents a rattlesnake eats, it's a bad idea to kill them. They help limit rodent populations and indirectly, therefore, humans' exposure to bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Learn to live with them. They were here first. God created them as much as he did longhorns, eh? Or was that...SATAN?? :-)