Thursday, July 28, 2016

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I have something I would "like" to "share"...I stopped voting because I got tired of choosing the lesser of two evils.  I'm afraid even that choice is gone now.  85,95,79,0,B


Margery Billd said...


JohnnyM said...

I so agree, after you know your spouse's vote, I still would not vote for DT

Janet said...

Real name of ancestors is "Drumphf" They had a name change a couple of generations ago.

Larry G said...

quite sure it's working as designed by the founding fathers, eh? ;-)

czardastx said...

Vote for Gary Johnson.

mike said...

eighty percent of the voters dont want either one

WAGG said...

Hillary is a criminal who cares nothing for the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms. What difference does it make now is here response.
You may not like Trump but he is a businessman that at least knows how to create jobs and make money not take money from the working to give to the welfare state. He also has spent millions of his own money running for President. Like it or not he is too smart to do that simply for ego. He is concerned about the direction this country is going.
It is the democrats who want the opinions of the very few, which most of us do not agree with, to be forced onto the rest of us.
I don't want this to come out wrong but if you do not vote you have no right to voice an opinion on the direction is country is going.

mike said...

The system is broken or maybe the 80 percent are wrong

Janet said...

"Eeny, meeny, miny, mo

Wyowanderer said...

Yup. Now the choice is the evil of the two lessers.

bayrider said...

Trump is a hateful disease that would destroy our collective soul. We can survive Hillary but Trump is beyond the pale and those who are not completely deluded know it. Hillary will be the first Democrat I have ever voted for.

Unknown said...

Honestly, you will vote for Hillary? I really hope you aren't a Texan. Are you employed? Lol

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Todd said...

Do you want the shit sandwich or the doo doo burger?

Todd said...

That said if I vote it won't be for a Clinton. Clinton Inc. needs to go the way of Bush Inc.

Smackmama said...

I vote Hillary!!!

Nogera said...

In 1992 Bush Sr was in trouble, economy was bad, he had raised taxes, and was still dealing with with Iran Contra and saving and loans scandel and to boot he was having to run against a very moderate southerner. Lee Atwater came up with the strategy to raise all the doubts they could regarding Clinton and his honestly, as he spoke well and was likable, so make him a used car salesman. While it didn't work the tactic was continued while he was in office in the hope of recapturing the White House. So when a Clinton staff member committed suicide the word,was spread that Clinton had him killed. When wrong doings were discover in White Water, the Clintons were crooks,
the machine was turned off once Bill left office but fired up again when Hilary announced she would run. With all these allegations, and investigations,she (nor he) have ever been found guilty of any crime or wrong doing.
Now some will say they don't care " I Know she's guilty". Well I can give you the facts but I can't make you accept them. For those people, I say think of it this way,: if. You want someone who is smart running the country then she's the one because anyone who can do all that she has been accused of and and get away with it has to be a hell of a lot smarter than everyone else.

Read up about how she has spent her time as an adult and tell me she's a mean spriited theft.
She's smarter than Trump, more conservative than Trump, and more religious than Trump.

pS. Remember her husband cut taxes, cut welfare balanced the budget and didn't get us into any wars. Tell me those are not what conservatives want.

savingtheworldthrusmallchanges said...

i really hope that you reconsider your choice John, the democrat party promises more of the same, more corruption, more graft, more taxes,more illegals,more welfare,and from the sound of it , more wars in foreign countries that will only drag out into decades long debacles, like the ones we have had iraq and afghanastan, kennady and johnson got us into vietman and how did that turn out for us ? both the democrats and the current class of big business republicans are the ones who have gotten our country into this mess, i see trump as at least not near as dangerous as anyone from the established political class who, bty all seem to leave office with a golden parachute and a cushy job in a lobbying firm or on wall street or a university, we really need someone to break up all of these lifetime political dynasties, kennady/bush/clinton/gore these are multi-generational political families and they have had decades to fix the issues that Never seem to get fixed by these so-called smart people, instead things always seem to get worse - jobs-wages-education-your children doing better then you did - all these metrics are disappearing for most of middle america - the blame clearly falls at the feet of the political class, they for whatever reason have decided that the best interests of the citizens of this country are at the back of the line with free trade and the free movement of peoples across our borders without our consent coming first, i live very close to the canadian border, yet even in the far north of our country you will find illegals roaming seemly free from worry about being caught and deported, plainly holding total contempt for our laws and customs ,, yet we the citizens are told WE MUST ACCEPT THEIR CUSTOMS ?? they refuse to obey our laws /they refuse to learn our language or respect our customs- If we keep putting people into office who got us here, we will never get anything other then the same as it ever was --- yak yak yak from frauds from either party,, i say vote trump sometimes we NEED a bull in the chinashop to break things - hillary is a proven liar - this much we know from the fbi directors statement and from her testimony in congress, and she is campaigning on keeping the ball going in the same direction and trying to speed it up, at this point the ball is rolling down a steep hill hillary wants to kick it off a cliff,, we wont survive hillary, she will just be a different curator in the chinashop- keeping things just the way they are, carefull to maintain the status quo, repubs and demo's forever selling out the citizen of this country at every chance that comes along
please john ,,,, reconsider your choice

savingtheworldthrusmallchanges said...

in regards to bob nogueira-
clinton was forced by the repub congress and senate to cut taxes in 97 he raised taxes in 93
he was also forced to sign welfare reform by the rebup congress in 96 after vetoing 2 other reform bills
and clinton never balanced the budget - congress did in 95
and clinton bombed serbia iraq kosovo sudan pakistan and afghanstan
he was also proven to be a liar just like his wife and was disbarred by the US Supreme Court
please in the future try not to regurgitate the democrat spin/lies that fills the internet ,
the truth is easily found

Nogera said...

S in the world, Clinton signed the bills into law. If he had chosen he could have vetoed them. But I will accept your position and give full credit to the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS.
Now can we blame all the current problems on the Republican congress rather than Obama, or was the Constitution amended during the Bush administration to require the president take all blame?

PS : congress can't force a president to sign a bill. They can over ride a veto (which they didn't).
Finally , I did not attack you or the Republicians, I simply asked people to check history out rather than listening to brain dead ditto heads like you.

savingtheworldthrusmallchanges said...

gee bob !!:-) Yes congress Can force a president to sign a bill!
and bob Name calling is always the last resort when you dont have the facts on your side, guess that shows what your argument is ,, you have none - other then the revisionist history you post here, which is - monika lewinskys old boyfriends wife is a really good liar and crook so she will make a good president - which you seem to fully believe , all the things i posted are easily confirmed via a quick internet search , everything you posted about monika lewinskys old boyfriend is false. and your attempt to blame everything on this congress when obama clearly violates established law using executive orders/memorandums shows you dont really know how our system of government is supposed to work - you chose to give monika lewinskys old boyfriend all the credit for actions taken by congress! Not by him - which he tried to stop BTW - and then trying to say that he never got us into any wars - that is also false - all this clearly shows you dont know any of the history of which you speak or you miss-state it intentionally
i responded to your post - only to correct the inaccuracy of your statements - i lived thru all of that and remember it clearly - i remember monika lewinksys old boyfriend on live TV lying to EVERY American - he had a choice to make - he could have done the right thing and admitted the truth - he didnt! he lied and was proven to be a liar by the DNA evidence and by his false statements - and we paid the price for his choices - - i lived thru all of it, i was insulted by his actions then to lie to me and everyone else - and now by your choice to spout the same DNC lies and miss-statments as the truth
P.S. bob i didnt call you any names
you on the other hand chose to engage in the low art of name calling which is a typical tactic of the left
so dont bother to respond as i will no longer be bothered by you
its clear your not worth engaging in any conversation, as you use DNC lies and spin instead of the truth, when the truth is clearly needed for any meaningful conversations