Tuesday, September 13, 2016


In my search for extended web cam reach I seem to have forgotten that I had a wifi repeater that UK Neil set up for me a couple of years ago.  With an external antenna on my now defunct netbook computer, I was able to pick up a full wifi signal a quarter mile away.  Returning the bum cable was a snap and Amazon refunded my money in the form of a credit as soon as it was shipped.  Printed out the return label and threw it in a box with the goods and was notified immediately that UPS would pick it up the next day (which was last Friday).  Being that Manny had already made two deliveries to me last week, I gave him a break and met him at the highway to pass off the package, saving him 20 minutes of round trip drive time on my bumpy road.

Now back to the issue at hand.  I am charging up the battery I use to power the wifi repeater and I just ordered another tablet computer with a portion of my refund.  If all goes well (fingers crossed)...once I install the free Ustream android app, I should be able to broadcast far beyond 150 feet from home base.  83,91,69,0,B

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