Thursday, November 30, 2017

another live view

Figured out how to live stream from the drone to Facebook this morning.  Pretty much the same procedure as YouTube - not intuitive or simple.  Pretty tricky to do without cell service and without a mobile device like a smart phone since that is what these platforms are primarily configured for.  It's a matter of mirroring the screen of the tablet I use to control the drone so that it appears on my laptop through my local wifi network.  Then I have to use broadcasting software that can utilize screen capture as a source to upload from my laptop to the internet.  There are a few more steps involved but they are too difficult to explain.  I remembered to also record video from the drone for this trip.  Tune in tomorrow night... 71,79,41,0,C       


pamit said...

Can't wait! I hope we still have the Friday Night Movie though :-)

owyn said...

Thanks you for letting me now off the possibilities.
Thanks from a day to day follower.

Margery Billd said...

It's always a wonderful moment to figure something out. I could not do live stream before because I was on an i-pad and not a computer. My dogs were puppies so I used the i-pad instead of the laptop computer in case the dogs came flying on me or over me. (So there sets an unused computer which I should get out because the dogs are older and better behaved now).