Monday, October 29, 2018

a monday matinee...

Now that my road is dry, all cross orders will ship by Wednesday.  A couple of people have ordered some AA coins.  They won't ship till next week.


Unknown said...

No wonder you don't get no trick-or-treaters.

Margery Billd said...

Sam, your comments are alway wonderful. :-) That is quite a little trec out of there. I hope you do not speed like that all the time. :-) Have you seen any E.T,'s out there yet like your white ball friend going with you part of the way (sure sign of E.T.)? :-) I have seen a few scary things out there. Once in no where in Alaska at night in the wilderness a very bright white light suddenly shined on me. I hid under a sleeping bag in my truck for awhile. Must have been something.??? Then there was what looked like a Big Foot standing in Haines by the water. The Canadians brought a big bucket of food for it as they came every year to see it but my wolves ate the food. All the campers were scared and left that morning. It roared at me as I sped past it and I took it as a sign to check my truck in Juneau (found I had a serious problem). (Lucky I did not visit my son as the bridge at Kingsland, TX, by him washed out during the rains and houses, boats, and cars were rapidly tossed down the roiling river).

RossA said...

Its on my bucket list to come and visit you.
Looks like I'll need a 4x4 or what i want, a healthy motorcycle to make it in.
Love the posts
My wife gets a giggle from them.
I share the the page, don't know if they visit.

Thanks for the views.

Ross A