Thursday, August 1, 2019

starting the tin

Had a slight hiccup yesterday when I discovered that McCoys had sent me the wrong inside closures for the roofing.  They delivered the correct ones this morning and I got started by getting the drip edge in place and figuring out how the roofing is going to line up.  I have to trim both the eve edges of the metal to center it on the building.  Metal eve trim will protect the outside edges from water penetration.  Placed one section of closure with butyl tape and I am ready to proceed tomorrow morning.  (Hint:  they aren't kidding when the butyl tape manufacturers suggest refrigerating the tape - it is very difficult to peel off the paper backing when it is warm.)  90,98,72,0,B


Ron/Debbie said...

Could you explain what the inside closures are for. I see them in your picture, but can't picture how they work. I love learning. Have understood all your construction so far, but those have me puzzled. Thanks

John Wells said...

Closure strips are used to keep bugs and water from getting under the roofing metal. They close the gaps between the roofing and the sheathing.

MsBelinda said...

I had the same question. Thank you for explaining it.

No doubt the future owner of this Casita is getting a quality product.