Saturday, September 21, 2019

a little juice...

The Casita is solar powered now.  Video Monday.  
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John Wells said...

Each of these charge controllers handles 400 watts of solar (eight 100 watt panels total). We are going to add 4 more panels and another charge controller for a total of 1200 watts. This system was set up quickly so we can get phone and internet from Big Bend Telephone. If it doesn't rain any more, they are coming out Monday to do a site survey.

MsBelinda said...

Wish I was more knowledgeable about solar power. At least the new owner has a good source of information in you should he require it.

Always a good idea to have Internet and telephone service in particular in an isolated location as his should he ever require it in an emergency.

I can not believe even my favorite desert has been the beneficiary of rains while we along the Texas/Mexico border are dry as a bone.