Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pandemic Saturday


trump may very well have easily won a second term aside from all the bullshit that constantly spews from his pie hole had he done one thing: admit to the severity of the pandemic and do something about it rather than play it down and ignore it.  He blew off his one and only chance to be a true hero for the citizens of this country.  But no...he played his narcessistic trump card and lost the election as surely as he is losing all the numerous frivolous lawsuits in his pathetic bid to hold onto the only power he has left in his sad life.  Constantly claiming to be treated unfairly no matter how often you repeat it only goes so far when the facts are always against you.  Unfortunately, both he and his throngs of blind followers will forever cling to the mindless thought that the election of Biden was somehow a fraud.  Fortunately, there are a growing number of intelligent voters (and lifelong Republicans like myself) who have become tired of the GOP as it stands today in this country.   


Penelope said...

I take some comfort knowing that he is caught like a rat in a trap and he knows it. All his walls are closing in with bigly debts coming due chased by lawsuits and no one taking his calls. The coup everyone is buzzing about is ridiculous. He isn't smart enough to tie his shoes. Another Trump Hotel filed bankruptcy.
Good people are getting together again to rebuild this great country. We are Americans.

Steve said...

Individual-1 will be spending a lot of time giving depositions to the New York Attorney General. After that, he will be spending a lot of time as a defendant. And following that, he will likely be spending the rest of his life in the segregation unit at Rikers or Clinton Correctional Facility. Because we are a nation of laws.