Friday, February 5, 2021

the trump house


Something is up at the "Trump house" in Alpine - the one with the ever changing curb appeal decorations.  Local and federal law enforcement agencies stopped by on Thursday morning.  Witnesses reported seeing several boxes being removed from the location.  No word yet what is going on as apparently the "visit" was part of an ongoing investigation.  Stay tuned... 69,77,49,0,B  LATEST NEWS


Russ Smith said...

I've seen nearly all of these signs and banners at various homes in my part of Texas too. But never so many on just one house. I love how these folks equate republicans and Christians as though you can't be one without the other. I sometimes wonder if these folks think Jesus is registered as a republican and has a concealed carry permit?

I heard a preacher after 9/11 ask if we thought that God was a flag waving American citizen? It made me angry at the time but, thank God it was the beginning of me unraveling this idea that patriotism and Christianity were somehow the same thing. I discovered that I can be both, but they are not equal.

JudithK said...

I'm curious. You used to have so many commenters. I started with you a LONG time ago. More than 10 years now I think.Although it's hard to know. And seems like you lost commenters after opposition to Trump. Is that right? Are are you just editing comments.
Well, I remain interested in what you're up to. So thanks for the posting and photos!

MsBelinda said...

I would be interested to know what the feds found at said house. Please keep us updated.

John Wells said...

Off topic or conspiracy theory comments get deleted.

Unknown said...

My son drove me by this house recently just so I could see the craziness. Please keep us updated.