Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Farewell BBT


The cord is finally cut to my old landline.  After 4 months of back and forth with BBT, every cell phone provider, the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, and the FCC - not a single person could explain to me why my landline number from Big Bend Telephone cannot be ported out while the FCC rules on the matter are quite clear.  My old phone number is officially history now.  BBT served me well over the years, but they just cannot compete with my new service providers.  I am quite happy with Starlink broadband internet and my smart phone with Mint Mobile.  Funny thing is...the blue conduit sticking out of the ground with a plug in it was installed with my phone line 14 years ago for a "future fiber optic upgrade".  BBT has finally gotten around to installing fiber in some areas (not mine), but the new service is still dismally slower and more expensive than Starlink.  88,93,60,0,B   


Zole said...

What's your commitment with Starlink? Monthy or yearly contract?
When will you create/sell silver ingots to cover some of Ben's feed bills.
I have a few and would love to have more.

John Wells said...

The commitment with Starlink is monthly and I can cancel at any time. Starlink also permits the re-selling of the dish and router so if I ever decide to change providers (unlikely), I would be able to sell the equipment at a profit as the cost has gone up since I purchased mine. Thanks, but I have no plans for any silver casting until perhaps the end of the year. I am doing these coins in bronze for a limited time and they are available with custom etching on the back. Contact me by email for details. https://thefieldlab.blogspot.com/2021/08/qr-coin.html