Thursday, October 6, 2022


In case anyone who reads my blog is interested... 
I am about to list my remote property for sale.
20 acres @ $1500/acre
Make an offer...
Here are the coodinates for the corners:
NW  29 27 56.04 N
      103 38 22.68 W
NE  29 27 56.07 N
     103 38 15.33 W
SW  29 27 42.90 N
      103 38 22.38 W
SE   29 27 42.97 N
      103 38 15.13 W


Vista de Peyote Cafe said...

Where have all your commenters gone?
I've been reading this site off and on since
I saw the story in the NYTimes 5-10 years ago,
interesting stuff...
Selling some land, okay, looks rugged!

John Wells said...

Paul... thanks for checking in. That piece in the New York Times came out on March 9, 2011! Nice to know there are some folks out there that still peak into life at TFL from time to time. After 14 years of blogging - I reckon a lot of people have lost interest in my daily life and moved on. Lost quite a few readers after I professed my relationship with Christ. In the long run, it doesn't much matter to me since my blog isn't monetized. I have always considered it to be more of a diary than a dialog anyway.

pamit said...

Your religious posts interest this atheist more than all the telemetry stuff. Best of all are the plant and animal videos. I found out about TMR Rescue from one of your posts and still donate to them. And anytime I see Marfa or Alpine in the news, I think of you. Will continue to check in and thanks for not removing *all* of my comments!