Tuesday, November 29, 2022

coming in for a landing...



remmij said...

— not just crowded on the ground…
near miss – could have ended Mav

pamit said...

What species? Looks kind of like a bluebird.

Johnny Blogger said...

I have exalted (and bookmarked and starred) your Field Lab blog in my Hall of Fame must-read/view blogs. One day, I get a video of the souped-up, fine-tuned remote, control rover performing reconnaissance on obviously obtuse and unfamiliar invaders.

This video could be the opening to some creepy Dr. Moreau-predator and prey-like movie. Set not on an island but in what one would call the Texas desert. It is a movie-like opening with two scenes, one unexpected. From the tourists, the video unexpectedly cuts to the second camera scene, which is aimed at a calm and focused-looking bearded man who sports spaceman-like rover-viewing goggles as he surreptitiously tracks and monitors the tourists.

Jump to Today-and, assume you busy-We get a fascinating, stark still of a curious bird frozen in flight in the foreground. Moving back, the is the shadow of a tower with its apex pointing almost directly at a Posted sign and a curious-looking mound of ?mountain? in farther distances.

It's a delightful managerie of inconguous pursuits. By snap recollection, a small sampling of your posts subjects that I've enjoyed are: welding roof frames, feeding and caring for all kinds of animals: steers, boars, foxes, mules, etc., casting coins and other objects, pursuits in technology pursuits of all kinds, watch repair, Airstream renovations the inconsequential but fascinating food cupboard. Top it off with the vaca to the budget hotel, and I'm just intrigued as hell.

Coincidentally, through RV blogs, I found out that you and the author of another blog in my mental hall of fame blogs somehow became acquainted. In a short comment I posted in the recent past, I asked if you knew of his condition. I was disappointed because he seemed to have stopped blogging; I worried he might have passed.

I'm happy to report this soulful and poignant blogger posted in September. It was another respectful, profound, poignant post, That post on aging. I had followed "Chef Ara" as he roughed it driving an old sidecar BMW with his helmeted and goggled dog Spirit. He cycled to many spontaneous destinations. He covered 10's of thousands of miles over many years. I assume it was a coping mechanism for losing it all; he lost his young adult son and embarked. It was odd, and I don't know how I discovered it, but you two had crossed paths at one time.

Anyway, I love your blog, and by way of this long-ass comment, I just wanted to say Thank You. BTW, Ara's latest post is here if your interested.