Saturday, May 27, 2023

Holy Roof!

Well...the polycarbonate "window" in the greenhouse roof survived for 12 years and 4 months before sustaining any damage. Over the years there have been about 8 pea sized hail events that lasted about 5 minutes and one nickel sized hail event that lasted about one minute. The storms usually came out of the north. This time it came from the south and was golf ball size and lasted about 15 minutes - and now lots of holes. I noticed that not a whole lot of water gets in from all these little holes, so I don't have to be in a big rush to fix it. Just had to tarp a few things off and move a few things out from under major drips. I plan on replacing all of the polycarbonate with metal and eliminate "the window" by this fall. It has been many years since this building officially functioned as a greenhouse anyway. Guess I will start calling it the workshop instead of the greenhouse from now on. 78,86,66, .19",B


Falo Cala said...

Hi John Its Cesar , checking on you since you left FB , the blog is very cool Cheers!

MsBelinda said...

I have followed you for many years and still marvel at how you got this structure built all by yourself. I bet you are glad you have your drone to survey the damage and not have to physically climb on top of the roof.

BigJymn said...

You're really going to miss having all that natural light to work under in your shop.