Friday, August 4, 2023


Had a visit today from my friend Dan Stricklin Jr. He is a producer and principal photographer for Phillips Productions - makers of the long running hit program Texas Country Reporter. I showed him Dewey describing TCR and he asked me to post a video of it for him. (Got the date wrong in the title sequence - it should be 8/4/23.) 98,103,74,0,B


remmij said...

pre-nose/camera job?
Dewey must not be a member of SAG-AFTRA?
hope the TCR does justice to the Hi-Tech virtual explorer incubator @ TFL…
and no Hollywud demonstrators show up & pester you.
that Lone Star vinyl wrap is eye catching.
kinda looks like Dewey -
can "Light Kamala" be far behind? white beams of eye light… vaporized cranium
a true tool -

Jeff said...


John Wells said...

Funny thing about that car - only the crew uses it. Bob Phillips uses a regular unmarked vehicle for travel and is only seen in or with it for publicity purposes. Bob and Kelly will be leaving the show next year so my friend Dan (the cameraman) suggested Dewey audition for the host position.

linda said...

Love Dewey🤩

Guy Hodges said...

I was wondering how much longer Bob was going to stay on. Now that TCR is owned by Texas Monthly, and Bob has to be right around 70 seems only natural he would be retiring soon. Great show - I will miss him a ton.