Monday, September 18, 2023


3D printed head 1.3" tall with mount
for micro servo actuation of the mouth. 


remmij said...

does it say "take me to the river…"

John Wells said...

not sure what this guy is going to say...

remmij said...

plenty of oscillatory motion in this…
luckily, they didn't go with The Talking Bunions
better view -

you could have Ken and Barbie in couples therapy dialogue -
Bad Bunny talking with Taylor Swift?

more alt audio/visual -

maybe a kid at a piano, playing, while the audio is his thoughts out loud?

the robotic DJT: should have had a red tie - just saying

McGurk effect::
"Hearing Lips and Seeing Voices"

other mini "heads" -

Joel White said...

Looks like a "head on a pike". You're not channeling "Vlad the impaler" are you? :0

Joel White said...
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John Wells said...

remmij... I have a trump talking head planned which will be much more authentic to the original than that absurd hall of presidents version.

remmij said...

Mr. Wells - it's all DisneyWorld (& I can't afford the ticket)
maybe the debates could be just framed heads jawing? kinda like the UN this a.m.…
from 2009 - glimpse of the past future:

@ Mr. White - some Vlads have a 'Zoltar' look…
Vlad had a different idea - from what I've read, he employed a full body approach so the head could broadcast a warning - until its "battery" expired - more theatric than a head alone.

the printers will be busy

remmij said...

supplemental -
sticks & stones
Humans Are (Can Be) Bastards