Friday, November 10, 2023

better safe than sorry...

Turns out there probably wasn't enough rain over the past couple of days to swamp me in for a Sunday departure but I'm glad I didn't take the chance.  Been quite comfortable where I have been encamped just off the highway and now I am planning to head to Lubbock tomorrow.  Will be staying within blocks of the doctor's office and the hospital.  49,57,50, .10",B


remmij said...

…you had access to WD-40 before you hit the road — you are in good shape!

for some reason was blocked on the BW link - is this it?

luckily the Red Raiders are in Lawrence this weekend… less traffic ++

if you are in a beef mood –
Bryan's Steaks
1212 50th St
Lubbock, TX 79412 (Map & Directions)
(806) 744-5491

John Wells said...

Rmj...yeah that is the hotel. I GOT a rate of $62/night for 3 nights.

just.Bob said...

Note for sure positive that Bryan’s is open, they had a fire like in March and shut down for repairs. Not sure either way, but better bet is Cagles Steak House, ribeyes!

remmij said...

seems to be…
almost as big as Ben…
may be observing Veterans Day hours.
problem is I haven't been in Lubbock for 43 years
there was a place then that brought hot popovers to your table straight from the oven
they were great. Don't remember the name but they were excellent with the steaks and the staff was first rate.
looks good too