Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Jerry and Eva came through like champs today....GrubShack was open because it didn't get below 20 degrees.  Was below freezing till around noon.  Thankfully, the north winds petered out.  I hugged the wood stove this morning while gulping coffee and a hot breakfast.  Came home with just enough time to cut and mark all my pieces for the gutter mounts before heading back for a closing time hot chocolate.
Production mode for the rest of the day.  Rigged a jig to hold the parts then zapped them all together.  Amazing how fast this kind of work goes once I get in "the zone"...just wish I was as fast at getting started as I am at finishing.  One last super chilly night on tap that could very well bust a pipe, so I drained the thermosyphon and hoses to the solar shower.  Perhaps in the low teens overnight which is the threshold for my water systems...and prepared to fix my own breakfast in the morning.  33,44,20,0,B 


JLP said...

I used to work for a guy that told me if you plan on making more than one of anything, make a jig, only now we have to call them fixtures. But they do really expidite duplication.

Good job.

Allen Hare said...

I can't quite envision just how all this goes together. Guess I'll have to wait 'til the "after" photo. Glad to see you made good progress today. It looks good. Maybe you could pick up some pipe insulation next time you're in town. Don't know if that would help with those low temperatures, though.