Thursday, February 10, 2011

south mounts

Welded the gutter mounts at the far ends first...pulled a tight string line across the expanse and got the other 4 in perfect alignment.  Attached the GM to the far end on the north side and pulled the string to make sure that gutter is sloped correctly ( 1/4" per 10').  Planning on painting the mounts before putting in the gutter on the south side - will have to mask the north side mounts that are already in place.  Looks like the weather is finally starting the slow climb toward the days of hellish paradise that is summer in Terlingua.  39,54,17,0,B


Allen Hare said...

I get it now. Hope you get some rain as soon as you finish the gutters and get the tanks in place. That sure would cap off a great project.

Tim said...

High temperatures in the 80's can't be beat. Like the mug idea. Is it going to be just the one picture of Benita or will you have mugs with different pictures on them.

tffnguy said...

John, I sure hope that prediction is right! I'm sure fed up with the cold crap!

ezrablu said...

It's gonna feel like a heat wave after all this cold temps you've had this winter. Send a little up my way. I'm happy we're supposed to hit 36° on Sunday! It was -26° below last night :/

Guy Hodges said...

Give a smart man a string line and a level and he'll build the Taj Mahal for you!

Excellent work JW - a good cistern system is critical to sustainable living in the desert.

frann said... is supposed to be 89 degrees next Thursday! Get you out of the winter grumps!

frakier said...

Started reading a week ago, finished yesterday, you have had quite a journey. Hope to read more and yes I have been taking notes.

Noticed two overall themes
#1 If you are trying to get something done and need it to stay dry it will rain.
#2 Everyone thinks their beer is better than another's beer, even if it's the same brand.
#3 Benita knows ho to relax.

Don in west ga