Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Been kinda busy at TFL this week.  Carl has been a big help keeping tabs on the new addition.  80,96,74,0,T,0


Allen Hare said...

Or asserting his authority. It IS heartwarming to see Carl take an interest, though.

Ron/Debbie said...

He needs a playmate friend ! He looks sad. Ben that is.

remmij said...

does T stand for tumultuous?
hope lil' B is making the transition -
good to see he has multiple monitors.
has OBC checked in?

Dad said...

Great picture! Ben looks very content in clean stall.

JohnnyM said...

I loved seeing this pic of Carl. not only babysitting, authoritative protectiness, and hid gloriness of lookin heathy. you two must be mighty busy tendin to the youngin

Ba Tai said...

I really like your pictures, What calves name?.