Saturday, May 4, 2013

from spoons to nuggets

Decided to melt down more of the Ebay booty today.  Doing this before a final casting helps burn off whatever residue is on the flatware.  Yet another plug for Canvasman34....I bought a torch head he suggested.  The Bernzomatic JT539T is miles beyond the standard torch heads I have used for soldering copper....and it is relatively cheap for only 26 bucks.  Been using standard torch heads for some of my experiments and it has taken over 10 minutes to melt a couple of grams of sterling.  This new torch head takes less than a minute.

Melted down 5 cute little spoons then a small load of scrap bits for a total weight of 53.5 grams.  My regards to Billy, Auntie Kate, and Laco.  76,88,53,0,C,.3


Wm. Pugh said...

Something might becoming in the mail to use with the .925 melting!!!!
Buddy in Rosharon

Just Me said...

I love our blog. Been a fan for a long time. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Allen Hare said...

Nice project. I assume you got the stirling silver flatware on eBay for less than market value of the actual silver.