Saturday, May 25, 2013

Starbucks for critters

My new friend (and Ben's best new friend) Bonnie Coffey came down for a visit today.  She is from Tampa but has property near El Paso...checking this area to see if she wants to get even further away from the rat race.  She brought some gourmet snacks for the boys.  Ben LOVED it but Buddy hasn't developed a sophisticated palate yet.  Gonna see if they can order it at Johnson Feed next time I head to Alpine.  It's packaged like Starbucks, but 50lb bags go for about 15 bucks...and it's made in Dell City, TX.   80,99,66,0,B,.36


shawn said...

I have a pair of pet prairie dogs, Chloe and Cardamom, that love alfalfa. This looks great for them! Gotta get some. Chloe was a Facebook friend with Benita.

Allen Hare said...

Looks delish!