Friday, March 7, 2014

field help

Had a late afternoon visit from strangers on Wednesday.  Deb and Jonathan came back today as new friends for a repeat visit and helped me clean up the last 70+ piles from the airfield.  Normally, I don't allow anyone to help with the labor out here - but to be honest...I welcomed some assistance because I really just wanted this task to be over with.  I had forgotten how fast a chore moves along when there are more than 2 hands doing the work. Photo on the right is the LAST PILE!  65,84,55,0,C  


Rita B. said...

This could be the beginning of something new, eh? Get the Airstream fixed up and offer free accommodations for a little light labor. Who wouldn't want to come hang with you, Ben, Bud and the critters!

JohnnyM said...

There is never a reason good enough to shun help. Builds kindred hearts, my stubborn Father-in-Law was that way to an extent that as the newly we'd said,"But Bob just pick up the paint brush". Think of the stories he might tell you at 87 years old. Doing working hands gives all of us the opportunity to share sweat, stories and a job well done remembering the accomplishments no matter how small.

David Hooper said...

From the looks of those smiles, I suspect you may have helped them as well.