Friday, March 21, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Barnum

Feb 27
Hello John,
  My name is Josh Barnum from Chicago IL.  I first started following your blog (big fan) last April, after purchasing 5 acres in the North Corazones area of the ranch.  What you are doing is very inspiring to my group of friends and I.
  Mid-March I will headed to the Big Bend with my girlfriend Viktoriia and St. Bernard (Hans=best man) to elope.  We are getting married by Justice of the Peace Jim Burr, in a five minute ceremony on my land, March 21st around 11am.
  Knowing that you are a photographer and that the Field Lab is 10 minutes from my place, I was wondering if you had time and would be willing to snap a few photos of us during the short ceremony?  I am more than willing to compensate you with $$ or supplies you may need from Alpine (heading up on the 20th) for your time.
  If you are too busy and unable to, could you please suggest anyone else in the area?  We are just looking to have a few photos taken of our memorable day.
  Thank you for your time

Howdy Josh
interesting...Jim and I are good friends - I'd be happy to come out to shoot a few pics.  The fee will be a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and permission to use some of the pics on my blog.


Andy V said...

Congratulations and welcome to Texas!

Terry Josiah said...

Good for them.
One big question. Is he bringing that St Bernard with to Big Bend?
I don't think a St. Bernard can last one summer in 100 degree plus average heat.

Rita B. said...

Best wishes to the bride and groom! (and the pup)

Grandmama Sarah said...

What a great way to meet new neighbors!

Kevin Yorke said...

Congratulation mr. and Mrs Barnum I'm happy for you and jealous. Wish I could pick up and move from the rat race. I'm very happy for the two of them. Great pics John.

MsBelinda said...

My best to the happy couple.

nature ramblings said...

Looks like great new neighbors but that poor dog is going to dye of heat stroke!! I really don't think he is a desert dog!! Great photos by the way.

John Wells said...

FYI...the couple has no plans to move to the desert anytime soon - they just wanted to get married on the property. Hans (the St. Bernard) most likely will live out his life in the cool comfort of Chicago.

Joe B. in CT said...

Great wedding photos. Love the incongruity of the beautiful Mrs Barnum in her elegant dress/heels with their St Bernard in the Big Bend setting. It reminds me of a base jump GoPro video with Italian fashion models leaping off a cliff in suits and skirts. If you haven't seen the mashup, I think you'll enjoy watching it here: