Thursday, March 6, 2014

litter box

Mr. Floppy has found a new favorite spot for this daily dumping...just when I am almost finished clearing the airfield.  It will be interesting to see what plants will pop up after it rains a few times.  Some of the mesquite roots were quite large and went on forever.  62,77,38,0,C


Rita B. said...

Excellent temps! a balmy daytime 77 and a great snoozing 38. I don't know what you've been feeding Flop and his brethren, or what they've found to eat on their own, but it's certainly odd that they've picked your airstrip for their bathroom. Hope they aren't in the middle of a "devotional" when "landing" time comes.

Ronald Mahan said...

I bet you will see a great number of new mesquite trees starting back up after those first rains - as it is improbable that you can get all those underground roots removed. Cheers - Ronald Mahan

Ronald Mahan said...
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