Monday, October 19, 2015

A Canadian in SW Texas

Ben and I had a great visit today from our new friend Jared Brock..
Sorry his wife Michelle wasn't along for the ride.


Margery Billd said...

All very interesting posts.

Rita B. said...

Wow! John, you have to get a new tip to tip. Looks like Ben's horns have tripled in length since last measured.

K1MGY said...

Batten down those hatches, John. Looks like you're in for a lot of rain!

VirginiaMan said...


A while back you indicated you were interested in making your fenced in area four times as large. Are you still interested in doing that when you get the OK to put your leg into real heavy duty labor.

Ronald Mahan said...

Looks like to me - Ben's horns are rapidly growing in circumference - as well as length? Ben's horns are far larger than that stout Canadian's arms! Cannot tell if Ben's horns are larger than the man's thighs (due to the baggy pants) - but they are larger than his leg calf muscles. Ever put that tape measure around the base of those big horns?