Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I used to like Glenn Beck...

 ...but I can't make it past the first break on any of the programs on his network when this commercial pops up.  Just another couple of armageddon hucksters.  Like all the rest of them out there, I might be more open to their ideas if they weren't so bent on selling useless crap.  71,80,54,0,B


Larry G said...

maybe he REALLY believes in it, eh?

I bet if you covered 10 acres in solar panels - you'd be able to run one of them thar "all electric homes"... remember them?


rpm said...

i think JW might be referring to poor quality of the Solutions for Science brand.

those generators are way overpriced and lack real power output.

that, and Glenn Beck is a fake conservative-lackey-water-carrier-sell out for the new world order.

that last one's mine.

rj said...

For those interested in details (which are hard to compile on their website):

1. 1800 watt sine wave inverter
2. 80 amp/hr battery in main unit
3. 60 amp/hr battery in "battery pod"
4. Two 100 watt solar panels for a total of 200 watt input

"Glen Beck" Special Cost $3200

Component Prices on Ebay:
-1800 watt sine wave inverter about $450 on ebay.
-AGM batteries (just sealed batteries like used in alarm panels but bigger). $210 and $175 for 80 and 60 amp/hours on ebay.
-100 watt solar panels and charge controllers $270 for two sets on ebay.

$1105 Total cost with someone still making money

Of course in a real long term grid down situation, you could only use 200 watts continously assuming optimum sun.

Larry G said...

re: " Of course in a real long term grid down situation, you could only use 200 watts continously assuming optimum sun. "

why is that?

rj said...

Because that's all the x2 100w solar panels put out. You can get 1800w only for a short time when the batteries are fully charged and even then they will discharge fast at that load. In one video the "engineer" says you could inflate "all four tires" of your car with one charge. Not too encouraging although that's probably on one battery.

Larry G said...

well that was sort of a "duh" question, eh? I forget what John's rig looks like or whether any technology has come along since he built his rig.. that would make solar systems even easier to go off grid and provide generous electricity 24/7.

rj said...

Lithium Batteries at an "affordable" price is the "newer" thing. Of course you need a manufacturing and pricing breakthrough like the 7 kwh Tesla Powerwall to come close to the Beck ad along with a 5 to 8 kw (8000 watt) solar panel array. Maybe $7,000 for the Tesla Powerwall when it's available (with a 10 year warranty versus maybe 3 years for lead acid) and perhaps $20,000 for the solar. Many homes would need two or three times this to actually run everything 24x7. Even then overcast and rainy days would have you without power within 24 hours in a real off grid situation.

Larry G said...

how about the rig you cite with a 5-day capable propane backup gen?

rj said...

Yes a propane generator (or a natural gas generator if you have the fuel) is the gold standard. Propane stores indefinitely unlike gasoline. If you want it to work when you need it, store lots of propane (at least a 250 gallon tank or larger) or have a utility natural gas hookup (which normally functions even with a wide spread power failure such as caused by a hurricane for one or two weeks). By a Honda generator for reliability and then use the Tesla Powerwall and a big solar array. For $40-$50k your set for 10 years. While you are at it, buy an induction cooktop, insulate the house with spray foam and install a Mitsubishi H2i heat pump (summer AC and full heat down to 5F) for year round comfort.

Larry G said...

you sound like you speak with experience!

mike said...

finally an interesting post

Larry G said...

50K over ten years is only about twice as much as grid power!


rj said...

Be sure to read the link John highlighted on this company and Glenn Beck..

A big Tesla battery and maybe 3k watts of solar would go a long way if you live small and keep luxuries and comfort minimal. Still grid tied solar is the way to go if you have grid access. No batteries to wear out, maintain or replace.

Larry G said...

In Virginia - the utility is not friendly to those who want to install solar then use the grid for backup.... they want to charge an "availability" fee.

WhyR said...

Re: John's last sentence- Paul Krugman is so on to this:


Mike Miller said...

"Media Matters" as a reference. Really? They have no more credibility than Alex Jones or Beck.